Tuesday, June 19, 2018

OlayinkaOyelamiVirtualLawPractice Blog: Business Registration and Online Presence Benefits...

United Nations in January, 2016 launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are a guide to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) policy and funding for the next 14 years. The SDGs, among other essentials, recognize a universal commitment to actions to end poverty. In Africa, the simplest way to end poverty is to encourage MSMEs to start, have access to finance and funding as well as sustained entrepreneurship mentorship and supports from both the Government and successful private sector players. Read more...

OlayinkaOyelamiVirtualLawPractice Blog: Business Registration and Online Presence Benefits...: Starting a business is always the fun part: Coming up with an idea, registration of business name,  building an online presence, and imagi...

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Simplify Global Payment By Making Most Use of Your Debit Card’s Convenient Features

Access your funds globally with ease - Debit cards are revolutionizing the way bank customers pay for goods and services. With a debit card, you don’t have to carry as much cash. You also limit the need to write cheques, show identification and wait for approval. What is more is that, debit cards are more readily accepted than cheques, especially when you are travelling away from home.

Automated Teller Machine card — This card is used to obtain cash from ATMs and is accepted for payment by using your Personal Identification Number at certain supermarkets, retailers and filling stations.

A card that carries the logo of one of the two major payment card companies— This card can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM, as well as to make purchases anywhere the logos on these cards are accepted.

A debit card may look like a credit card, but it works like the electronic equivalent of a cheque. When you pay with a debit card, you authorize the bank to take money directly out of your bank account and pay it to the merchant. Like a credit card, you simply sign a receipt for your purchase. Unlike a credit card, there is no bill at the end of the month and no interest charge. The debit simply shows up on your bank account.

Debit card deductions are instantaneous. Debit card purchases are immediately deducted from your account, which means that your spending is limited by the balance in your account. Be aware that if you have written cheques that have not yet cleared, your debit card may allow you to overdraw your account.

It is important to notify your card issuer/bank immediately if your debit card is lost or stolen. It is true that under the law, there is a higher liability for debit cards, but, in response to consumer concerns about liability for fraudulent use, some cards have instituted a zero liability policy. The zero liability policy applies to purchases made using your card or account information at a store, over the phone, or on the Internet. It does not, however, apply to ATM transactions.

A debit card can help track spending. Because debit card purchases are listed on your monthly statement, using your debit card makes it easier for you to track your spending and eliminates the need to try to remember where you spent the money you withdrew from the ATM. Also, if you are banking online, many personal finance software programmes download debit transactions to your software, where you can assign them to the proper spending categories.

Debit cards do not provide the same purchase protection as credit cards. In most cases, if you have a problem with merchandise or services you charged to a credit card, and you have made a good faith attempt to work out the problem with the seller, the law allows you to withhold payment for the purchase plus any finance or related charges. Regulations make no such allowance for debit card purchases (although some financial institutions might). Typically, you are out of the money that has been deducted from your account until the issue is resolved.

Some financial institutions charge for debit transactions. While you won’t accrue interest or finance charges on debit card purchases, some institutions charge a monthly or per-transaction fee for debit cards. Shop around for the best deal, particularly if you plan to use your card often.

Debit cards can make balancing your chequebook a challenge. It is easy to use your debit card to pay for groceries and stuff the receipt in the bag without ever deducting the amount of your purchase from your chequebook balance. To avoid overdrawing your account, devise a system for recording your debit card transactions.

When used properly, debit cards provide convenience, enabling you to effectively track your cash flow. Just be sure to safeguard your card, PIN and receipts. Over 4 million customers around the world use Payoneer Debit cards for one reason. Whether you are a business owner, professional or freelancer, Payoneer offers you multiple ways to get paid by your international clients and global marketplaces – quickly, securely and at low cost...it’s simple. Click here to learn more...

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BitcoinDiamondMines Blog : Understanding Blockchain Technology Potential Beyo...

Join the bitcoin revolution. Start making money in one of the fastest growing industries of the decade. Work from home or from any location...No prior experience is necessary. All you need to begin is some bitcoin and a PayPal account.

Our system does the rest. The process is completely automated. It is easier than you think. Register here for your Free Bitcoin Growing Platform Training and build up your crypto-assets the SMART way BitcoinDiamondMines Blog : Understanding Blockchain Technology Potential Beyo...: Blockchain can help guard against election fraud, because the decentralized nature of its transactions means they cannot be altered after ...

Monday, January 8, 2018

BitcoinDiamondMines: Bitcoin as The Potential Revolutionary Game-change...

Bitcoin is money for the Internet. Bitcoin is more than a system to store and transfer value from one person to another. Bitcoin is a protocol, a computer network, and much more...As Bitcoin boomed, more people looked to take advantage of the appreciation in value which saw some luxury items, from mansions to custom cars, go on sale - not in dollars, but in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a scarce digital commodity used as money by millions around the world. People buy coffee with Bitcoin at local shops. Others get paid in Bitcoin and use it to shop online. Friends use it to settle with whoever paid for dinner. Workers send Bitcoin back home to help family, regardless of where they live. Read more...BitcoinDiamondMines: Bitcoin as The Potential Revolutionary Game-change...: Bitcoin  has the potential to be a real game-changer. Right now, billions of people around the world cannot get a bank account and cannot ...

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Developing Effective Foreign Exchange Market Trading Strategies and Understanding the Psychological Factors

In any business endeavor, a good understanding of the business, an identification of opportunities, thorough risk assessment and a sound strategy are imperative to success. Knowledge of the foreign exchange market is a must before you start investing. Successful traders know that very well, that’s why they continually invest in their knowledge. And that’s why we at FXTM offer professional training sessions, seminars, webinars and tools so that you – the trader – can learn as much as possible.  Do you want to make money on the Foreign Exchange Market? First of all you need to know, what Foreign Exchange Market is. 

The foreign exchange market has arisen due to the trade. Traders from different countries with different monetary systems were forced to agree on some common and understandable system of calculations. International traders are still one of the major customers of the foreign exchange market, but the market has developed into a complex system, which has plurality of functions, elements, elements and superstructures.

Today the foreign exchange market maintains the credit system (if you need to take a credit abroad), investment banking (if the money is invested in foreign companies), it allows you to hedge the risks, in other words to insure against fall in the value of different currencies (for example, funds kept in dollars and euros stimulate it), as well as provides the opportunity to make money on the exchange rates (we will talk about this later). Dive into the world of trading Join FXTM’s innovative investment program, FXTM Invest. It’s great!

The exchange market serves various segments of the global financial system and while there are about two hundred of national currencies in the world, this market will continue to be vital for a variety of international financial transactions Learn about trading commodities like Gold and Oil, as well as how to trade in the currency markets online by taking advantage of downward and upward price trends to potentially make a profit. Also discover the amazing features of FXTM Invest – the modern investment program where investors can follow suitable traders and make money anytime those traders profit! Register Here FREE

Today the world economy is global, even North Korea does not live in complete isolation, because it occasionally buys some products it needs abroad. The interpenetration of trade and financial linkages across the globe is enormous, the planet lives as a single economic body already for a long time: individual companies and whole countries sell manufactured goods, buy the missing ones, take loans from each other. The world trade turnover is huge. Therefore, the importance of the foreign exchange market for each country is difficult to overestimate. Economic ties united the whole world, and the ability to exchange currencies quickly and make payments on either side and in the right currency became an adhesive composition.

This made the forex exchange market the world's largest market: daily currency transactions of which is $ 3 trillion. No market in the world has such turn-round. Download FXTM’s Free eBook –50 essential tips for effective forex trading. Click here to Download Free

cryptobank with credit subtoken and open platform

The world is evolving, modern technologies are emerging, digital currencies are making a killing, gaining popularity from year to year.
Cryptocurrencies have made indelible changes in most people's lives. New types of digital currencies break through every day and this operation manifest the growth of such currency popularity.  Although this technology is still young, cryptocurrencies have formerly demonstrated themselves to be a technology that the economic world needs. With the arrival of cryptocurrencies, plentiful entrepreneurs have perceived that this is not just a timely payment mechanism but again a considerable source of income in online investments. 

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, the possibilities of trading are not limited by Bitcoin or Litecoin. The value of bitcoin, along with the price of other attractive digital currencies, increases hurriedly. Therefore, investing and trading cryptocurrencies is very lucrative. Invest in bitcoin easily and securely at the Peer to Peer Bitcoin marketplace connecting buyers with sellers to buy, sell and send bitcoin with over 300 ways to pay for bitcoin including bank transfers, gift cards, Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, your personal debit/credit cards and many more.

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